Friday, May 06, 2016

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #67

If you haven't watched Paul Thomas Anderson's new music video for Radiohead's new song "Daydreaming" you can do so in the previous post right down below - the entire conceit is Thom Yorke walking through doors into new spaces which lead to new doors which lead to new spaces, so on and so forth. It's like Monsters Inc but with a dour little man grimacing at most everything instead of colorful cartoon characters. Anyway...

... at one point Thom goes from a parking garage into a library and I knew I had my latest entry in this series! Thom Yorke plus bookshelves? Why don't you just straight up give me a hand-job, PTA? Why not??? Anyway the greatest part about this moment is...

... that look on Thom's face as he exits the library. He seems so mistrustful of books! Then again this is Thom Yorke and Thom Yorke is gloriously mistrustful of everything, and bless him for it.

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