Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Good Morning, Apocalypse

Cillian Murphy's eyeballs oughta be insured like Mary Hart's legs or J-Lo's ass -- they're how we first met him, eyeball first, in 28 Days Later, and we've never (wait for it) looked back. (God I'm clever.) 

Anyway you'd be forgiven for thinking we met him penis-first, since this shot of his eye smash-cuts to, you guessed it, Cillian full-frontally naked tip to toe laying on his hospital bed (I'm gonna put those NSFW images after the jump, by the way) -- I've always been so weirded out by that fact, by the way. Like who is laid out naked like that in the hospital? I suppose that's how Danny Boyle tells us something ain't right from second one -- the absence of a hospital gown leaving him as exposed as exposed can be -- but it always made me wonder what those doctors and/or nurses were doing to him before the zombies came.

Anyway I told you earlier this week when we did "Beauty vs Beast" for Cillian that his 40th birthday was coming up - well it's here! He turns 40 today and so if you haven't voted on that poll click on over to The Film Experience, while the rest of us will hit the jump for those naked pictures I promised above...


FoxVerde said...

space alien sissy spacek white eyelash fluttering wierdness

havealittletalk said...

People are stripped for surgeries and then draped except for where the surgeons are working. I guess if patients get a clot or something, the team doesn't want to waste time disrobing them. You get stripped pre-operation but after going under and then in a gown before coming up. Full invasive operations-- not procedures.