Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Crank Yanker

Today is the 43rd birthday of the director Mark Neveldine, one half of the directing duo "Neveldine / Taylor" who are responsible for delivering unto the world the two glorious Crank movies, the wacked-out Ghost Rider sequel, and Gamer. Their last movie was called The Vatican Tapes and I guess it came out in 2015 but I have absolutely no memory of it so if anybody wants to explain, go ahead. Anyway I fucking love the Crank movies but I bring up Neveldine today for two other reasons -- firstly he's one of the hottest directors working, and secondly, he's married to Alison Lohman!

We love Alison Lohman and we miss Alison Lohman and scanning through Neveldine's Twitter pictures today and seeing her all over the place made me miss her even more. (And now I notice that apparently she acted in this mysterious "Vatican Tapes" movie of his that I totally missed. Gotta find this thing!) Anyway we send a happy birthday to Mr. Neveldine today, plus a plea for a third Crank film, please and thank you kindly.


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