Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ben Whishaw Four Times

Guess who's seeing The Crucible tonight? If you guessed someone other than me, I am judging you, for dumbness. Because tis I, and I alone, along with however many other hundreds of people fit in the theater. Anyway I'm clearly there for Ben but I am also pretty psyched for the witchy stage antics of Sophie Okonedo and Ciaran Hinds and Saoirse Ronan (this is a vowel-heavy cast) too.

This will be my second time seeing Mr. Whishaw on stage -- I also saw him do a play called The Pride in 2010 with Hugh Dancy (yes they kissed, and it was awesome) and Andrea Riseborough. So, you know, me and Ben, we got way back. He'll probably spot me in the audience and then after the show he'll come find me as I am leaving and then he'll divorce his husband and whisk me away to the set of the next Bond movie where we'll have threesomes with Daniel Craig for months on end. So that's my plan tonight, anyway.

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AC said...

So excited to see this. I have tickets to see it on July 14th!