Friday, April 08, 2016

Which is Hotter?

Even if his season of True Detective turned out to be somewhat of a disaster it still gave us the part where Taylor Kitsch hid his boner under a towel, so I wouldn't call it a wash, and if you ask me his most exciting project ever is still to come when he co-stars in Xavier Dolan's next movie -- something I reported Dolan to be pretty keen on, wink wink, several years ago. Point being, things could still turn around for Taylor, and if nothing else, he still looks like Taylor Kitsch. Seems every year on his birthday I ask y'all to choose which fetishized costume he looks better in - he's worn a lot of them! This year we'll go with his two recent queer roles, cuz why not.



Joey said...

That blonde hair gives me nightmares

Anonymous said...

His character in that tvseries was gay? Does it worth watching? I remember him having an erection with viagra and a woman...
I read about some orgy scene but I never saw pictures from that part.