Friday, April 15, 2016

To Efron's Butt Or Not To Efron's Butt

Once upon a time a movie called Dirty Grandpa was made and in that process, be it during the filming or as the promotional materials were released, this little website went insane with keeping track of every ounce of Efron skin made available. It was exhausting for awhile. Well the movie came (and I am guessing so did some of you) and went and I never actually made it to the theater, but I guess it's out on demand now, and will be out on Amazon in a couple of weeks to watch, and so you can expect the internet to flood with those things again. Like a great big shot of Zac's butt!

But... is that actually Zac's butt?
It seems like a butt double to me, the way it's shot.

But it's a nice butt, butt-wise, anyway.


luke said...

Here's an article about and showing Zac's Dirty Grandpa butt double.

Anonymous said...

There's some images that is clearly NOT a body double (you can see he's showing his face right after he shows his butt, and I hardly doubt it's an "effect" too, I saw some scenes that turns his nude undies into actual nude, and let's say the movie is not the best when it comes to special effects

Anonymous said...

Here's a bunch of the shirtless and nude scenes of this movie

Anonymous said...

The body double was only for the riding the motorcycle scene. Everything else is Zac... except I think there is some digital trickery involved in the scene on the beach.

J.D. said...

Oh Yes, must be my lucky day.