Friday, May 08, 2015

Finishing Zac Efron Off

It seemed impossible to me when I just went looking - you know, as a lark! - to see if there was any way I might've missed any pictures of Zac Efron's Great Big Naked Week of shooting Dirty Grandpa. I mean I've already posted so so so many shots. Here he was that first day romping around in little nude underpants. We were so innocent then. Then Robert DeNiro thumbed his asshole and from there it was nothing but chaos! Stripping and flexing his oiled torso for a crowd, dangling his oiled torso from the rafters, straddling a motorbike with most of his bits in the breeze. So much, so very much skin. Well, simply put, I was a fool. A dozen plus pictures fell right through the... wait for it... cracks. Hit the jump and I'll show you his if you show me, uh, more of his...

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