Thursday, April 28, 2016

Speak In Tongues, Woody

If you can take your eyes for a second off of Joel Edgerton there you'll see Kieran Darcy-Smith there beside him - he's an actor turned director who made Wish You Were Here in 2012, which is what that shot is from the set of. I never saw it but I remember hearing it wasn't half bad, and now he's got a new movie catching my attention - it's called The Duel and it stars Liam Hemsworth...

... as an extremely bearded Texas law-man investigating a series of strange murders in a small town which is run by a crazy snake-handling preacher man played by Woody Harrelson. You know that Woody Harrelson is probably bad news because he does some sinisterly-lit sweaty shirtless push-ups at one point in the trailer.

Although why that vision is bad news is a mystery to me. Oh he also stabs people and acts crazy, I guess. The trailer kind of gives all of that stuff away. Important stuff! Look at Emory Cohen's mustache!

Dude was obviously giving out some of the finest mustache rides south of the Mason-Dixon on this set. Although if we're talking about tickling ourselves intimately with pretty boy's facial hair...

... Liam obviously wins this round.

 Here, watch the trailer:

 This movie is out on June 24th.
Giddy-up, lil' doggies.

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