Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Am Link

--- Magic Man - I contemplated doing my own full post for the first Doctor Strange trailer, which dropped last night, but here all of twelve hours later it's already been thoroughly vetted and anyway it's more of a teaser than a proper trailer, so we'll just wait for the longer one. For now head over to The Film Experience for the minute-fifty-six of footage as well as the very first poster. As I tweeted last night I am surprised they didn't cram in any known entities to ground this wacky new world in Marvel-land - something like "Oh hey look Bruce Banner just walked by in a laboratory!" or "Oh hey look Agent Coulson is reading a newspaper on the corner!" - but again the time will presumably come for that. Mostly what matters is TILDA.

--- Burn Baby - Ramin Bahrani, the wonderful director of Man Push Cart and last year's fantastic 99 Homes, is maybe going to make an adaptation of Ray Bradbury's seminal book Fahrenheit 451 his next project, for HBO. Does that mean it will only air on HBO or it will be produced by them for theatrical release? I don't know. Anyway I'm not convinced that there's a good movie to be made from that book - Truffaut certainly tried but man his movie is lifeless. 

--- Stoll On Bottom - This interview with Corey Stoll over at Queerty about his role on Girls dates back to that first (eyeball bugging) sex scene he had with Andrew Rannells several weeks back, but I totally missed it somehow. And that is no good, because it's Corey Stoll talking about tops and bottoms and being naked and stuff, and that is important. Important!

--- Demon If You Do - The Playlist looks at the just-released soundtrack details for Nicolas Winding Refn's next flick, the modeling massacre centric Neon Demon, for hints about the movie's release - the soundtrack comes out on June 24th so they think that means the film will come out in the weeks preceding that date. They also think it will play Cannes, which will reveal its line-up tomorrow. 

--- Fist In Reverse - Prime Ginger David Wenham (mmm David Wenham) is joining the Marvel Universe! He's going to play "ruthless corporate titan Harold Meachum" on the latest Netflix series Iron Fist. Apparently his character has something to do with the death of Finn Jones' father (Finn plays the titular Fister.) And speaking of Mr. Finn Jones, EW talked to him about his training for the show and I think it's a pretty safe bet that that boy is gonna be shredded when the time comes for shirtlessness.

--- Calls & Listen - I had to search through several different websites to find a link that worked so you might want to hurry and watch the second trailer for JA Bayona's A Monster Calls, if you haven't already, because they seem to be snatching it off the web for some reason. Anyway we've been enthusiastic about this movie since way before it was just a movie, back to when it was just a book. Remember books? It is a very good book, you should read it. Anyway this movie is hitting all the pitch-perfect notes, looks like.

--- Anti Claws - This news dropped over the weekend, whoops, forgot to mention -- the bad guy in Wolverine 3 will be played by pretty pretty boy Boyd Holbrook. If you missed our big gratuitous post on Boyd click here, tis a doozy. He pretty! Boyd is a former model but he's been making a name for himself all over the place, acting-wise, but I still choose to believe that Hugh Jackman saw him first here on MNPP and that lit his, ahem, fuse. Anyway I just realized that half of this "I Am Link" post has been about bad guys in superhero movies? How strange.

--- And Finally here below is a clip from Preacher, AMC's upcoming comic adaptation starring my butt boy Dominic Cooper as the man with the white collar. (via, thanks Mac) I haven't watched it myself (I'm trying to go in to this show as mind-clean as possible) but it is apparently bonkers. The show begins on May 22nd!

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