Friday, April 08, 2016

I Am Link

--- Finer Angels - I'd just heard the other day that Andrew Garfield was going to star as Prior Walter in a staging of Tony Kushner's masterpiece Angels in America (or at least the first half of it?) at the National Theater in May of next year, and now comes word that the role of Joe Pitt (aka the role played in the HBO version by Patrick Wilson and his magical Mormon underpants) will be played by Russell Tovey. Goddamn somebody get me to London next year!

--- Giant Trailers - Can't believe I haven't posted this yet but I actually haven't even watched it yet - over at The Film Experience you can see the full trailer for Steven Spielberg's adaptation of The BFG,  along with some great commentary on all of the Roald Dahl movie adaptations that have happened so far. My favorites are Wonka (the original, not Tim Burton's monstrosity), The Witches, and James and the Giant Peach, and those are probably the only correct answers you can give on that question. Oh and as long as I'm at it with trailer I haven't watched here's TFE's take on the Star Wars Rogue One trailer too. I asked on Twitter last night if I should bother watching it - it's not that I am not enthusiastic about the movie, I am, I'm just not sure if I should bother spoiling myself.

--- Service Me - It had already been announced that Edward Holcroft was going to be back for the next Kingsman: The Secret Service movie so I was already sold on it, but now comes word via EW that Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal is joining the cast for the sequel, and about this I am enthusiastic. By the way have I mentioned how I believe in my heart of hearts that the sequel will end on the same note as the original film, with a close-up of an ass, but it will be Taron Egerton's this time? I am mentally willing it to be. Will it with me!

--- I Am Beguiled - It's been a weird busy couple of weeks so some stuff has fallen through the cracks - nothing's been as horrific an oversight as me not mentioning THIS though: Sofia Coppola is remaking the wacko 1971 Clint Eastwood flick The Beguiled (which we talked about briefly right here) with a cast that includes Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning, and Kirsten Dunst. FUCK YES. The original is about a Civil War soldier who runs from battle injured and ends up at a female boarding school where the ladies go BONKERS with lust over him, and it's a CRAZY movie. Imagining Sofia's girlishly feminist spin on this is making my toes curl. But who should play the dude part???

--- The Victoria Age - I feel bad every time I think about the astonishing and electric single-take movie Victoria that I never properly reviewed it because I love love loved it, and it deserved to be said.  So this is me saying it! Its director Sebastian Schipper (also an actor that I've had a crush on ever since he discovered his bisexuality in Tom Tykwer's film 3) is lining up his next movie and it's sounding exciting - it's called Undeniable and it's an adaptation of a woman's memoir about trying to solve her own cold case rape. Darren Aronofsky is producing and the script was written by the woman who wrote Shame

--- Note To Self - Adam Wingard, the director of the killer two-fer The Guest and You're Next, is adapting the well-loved horror manga series Death Note (it's already been made into a series of Japanese films) next - I guess Warner Brothers decided not to make the movie so Netflix stepped in and will make it. (Warner Brothers is too busy blowing money on awful and expensive superhero movies, apparently.)

--- Shrinky Dink - I hate to ask this of you people, to admit such a thing in public, but have any of you read the Fifty Shades books? Feel free to answer anonymously. I ask because Hugh Dancy has just joined the cast of the sequel Fifty Shades Darker to play the psychiatrist for Jamie Dornan's sex fetishist and I need to know if there's kink happening on that couch, stat. Anyway those fantasies aside I love the though of Hugh taking on the Hannibal role here.

--- One Fast Woman - I suppose it's good for Charlize Theron's career and pocketbook that she sign on to play a bad guy - excuse me, bad gal - in the next Fast Furious flick, but man, she's better than this. She knows, she's better than this. We all know she's better than this! But that franchise is inexplicably popular and will make money so I guess you take the job and you cash the check. Maybe she can use that cash to finance Jason Reitman's movie starring her. And she should probably fuck The Rock or Jason Statham while she's there. Or maybe the great ginger-bearded Nowegian sex-ball Kristofer Hivju, known here for Game of Thrones and Force Majeure, who also just signed on for the movie.

--- And Finally, here's the first full trailer for the next season of Penny Dreadful, which begins airing on May 1st. Looking swank as usual!


das buut said...

This is what happens when you cancel Hannibal. The gay goes away and the boring mommy porn comes out to play.

Hugh, don't sell your soul. We still love you!

sowhatelse said...

I would have thought Hugh was better than appearing in the 50 Shades sequel, too. The first was a waste of time, space and matter in the most egregious way possible, and no one came out of it for the better.

Rob91316 said...

Wouldn't it be a no-brainer for Scott Eastwood to play his dad's role in the remake of "The Beguiled?"

Scot said...

Ryan Phillippe for the remake of The Beguiled. He may be 42 but Eastwood was 40 when he made the original. And god knows Phillippe is a much better actor than Eastwood ever was.