Thursday, April 07, 2016

Good Morning, World

That there is a new shot of actor Garrett Clayton in King Cobra, the upcoming tale of gay porn seediness and murder that also stars James Franco, Christian Slater, Molly Ringwald, and Alicia Silverstone. (I know, what a strange grouping of individuals.) We previously posted about it right here. The film is playing the Tribeca Film Festival very soon, meaning that yes, I will be seeing it soon myself since I will be covering the festival for The Film Experience yet again this year. 

And yes I have seen tons of movies at press screenings in the past week and a half, but I can't talk about them until they start screening -- if things have seemed a little quiet here this week it's because I've either been watching those movies or not watching other movies about which to talk. (Or I've been screaming about politics somewhere, since that's been eating up my brain too.) Anyway I am gonna try to focus today. Let's see how that goes!

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Spencer said...

Let us know if Keegan Allen has any nude/sex scenes in the movie, please!