Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Who Wore It Best?

Do you guys watch The Flash? I don't, but I have heard decent things. The whole DC TV-verse intimidates me (there's too much and I haven't seen any of it) so I probably wont start any time soon but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Anyway we love Teddy Sears thanks to Masters of Sex and it's his birthday today so we're taking these pictures of him and his Flash co-star Grant Gustin in tuxes (via Teddy's Instagram) and facing them off!



Roark said...

You should definitely give Flash a chance sometime! It occasionally (like 2 or 3 times a season) crosses over with Arrow, and occasionally references characters or events from other shows, but mostly stands on its own. I watch it with my boyfriend - he doesn't watch Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow or anything else, and he follows everything just fine. And it's the best superhero show by a wide margin, and was pretty much great from the very start.

And the volume of very attractive men on it is admirably high.

Jon said...

I heartily second what Roark said. After "Agent Carter" and "Jessica Jones", "The Flash" is my favorite superhero show. Season 1 is one of the most assured first seasons of a show I've seen in a while. Season 2 has had some bumps along the way, but it's excellent.

And the attractive dude quotient is indeed very high.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think The Flash is just an OK show. A lot of the dialogue is God awful.

youwill said...

You should watch it. It's the only good superhero show. Of course it's CW, so there is some boring romance, but the sci-fi stories are very good. And along with Sears and Gustin, there's the amazing Tom Cavanagh, playing various sexy devious characters.

Glenn said...

Teddy Sears. Always Teddy Sears.