Monday, April 25, 2016

Good Morning, World

We've been doing our best to keep up with all of the sneaky footage people have been snapping from inside the theater where Kit Harington's performing Doctor Faustus in London right now (see previous posts right here and especially here and here too and also here) but this Tumblr right here has been doing a better job of it, bless them. All of the below gifs are via fan uploaded videos which you can see in their full incarnations here and here.

Before we hit the jump for the rest though, what did we think of A Game of Thrones last night? Any opinions? Season Premieres are always sticky beasts, forced to reorient us in this enormous world and tell us where the hell everybody is right now and then give us a little hint about where they'll be going this year, so I think it did a decent job at that. It did feel very discombobulated though, but with so many characters now I don't see how you sidestep that feeling. Okay enough prattle; hit the jump for lots of Jon Snow out of the cold and into his underpants...

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