Friday, April 15, 2016

Good Morning, World

I feel as if Luke Evans is baiting me this morning by tweeting out this picture of himself basically wishing himself a Happy Birthday, but you know what? I'll take the bait. We've had a long established antagonistic relationship with the so-called "Noted Homosexual" - even if we don't really get credit for it we were literally the first person on the scene directing you to his old interviews with gay publications talking about his, you know, big time homosexuality, at a time when he was trying really really hard to cover that stuff up. And we held his feet to the fire for a long time. But he doesn't seem to be trying hard at that silliness anymore, so we don't feel the need to castigate him so much. 

Plus if I ever get around to reviewing High-Rise, which I saw a press screening of for the Tribeca Film Festival recently, I will talk about how Luke is actually very good in the movie. And actually not being terrible at his job finally helps me feel less combative, too. Happy birthday, Noted Luke.

Anyway we're getting a late start this morning because I have been having to deal with fraudulent charges showing up on a credit card (good times!) so if we're distracted you know why. Happy Friday!

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