Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Who Wore It Best?

Today is the 47th birthday of the Oscar winning Spanish stallion Javier Bardem, who we've had a crush on since we saw his wife sit on his face in a bathtub in Pedro Almodovar's Live Flesh way back in 1997. Three years after that came his turn as gay poet Reinaldo Arenas in Before Night Falls, and from there the world. (In Spanish "the world" translates to "The Coen Brothers & Penelope Cruz, Perhaps Not In That Order.") Happy birthday to him! Anyway looking back through our archives I came upon a very old picture of Javi in the vintage 90s ensemble of shirtless-under-overalls, and I figured this could make a fun contest...



Anonymous said...

Please tell me you've seen Bardem in Jamon Jamon, yes? Please oh please. And if you haven't, do so immediately and thank me later.

Jason Adams said...

I've never seen Jamon but I have posted a little bit of it here before. I know it's supposed to be good, Javier-wise! :)