Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rigbys Before Ripleys

Say hello to handsome Benjamin Rigby, an Australian actor who has just been cast in the new Alien movie. There's no word on who he's playing because we have no idea what the movie is even about really, except it's meant to start building a bridge between the Prometheus movie and the Alien films. There will probably be aliens, and Michael Fassbender, not specifically in that order. 

Rigby joins a bunch of people who've already been cast that I've somehow completely missed the news on, including Damien Bechir and Danny McBride. Rigby is a relative newcomer - he's done some TV and a bunch of shorts, but an Alien movie is a big big huge step forward; I can imagine he had quite the happy day when that specific  phone call came in.

Mmmm fuzzy. All of these pictures are from his Instagram account (well not the top picture; that's off his IMDb page) which you can look through right here. It's not selfie-centric by any means, he's actually a fine photographer, but I of course narrowed in on the selfies because that's why you're here.

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Remington said...

Well he certainly has some nice fur on him, doesn't he? ;) Thanks for the introduction! :)