Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Indiana Jones and the Empty Tube of Ben-Gay

Let's be clear on this right off the bat - I am bringing this up because I am hopeful that George Lucas is actually stepping aside and having nothing to do with a 5th Indiana Jones movie. But that was the first thing I noticed upon reading the news that there will indeed be a 5th Indy movie, set for 2019 - Lucas' name is nowhere to be seen! 

I know he said he was retiring, but I'm still surprised he wouldn't keep his claws in Indy and demand his horrible input drag the next movie into nonsense again like the last one. And yes I know he publicly whined about how mean fans drove him to retirement... to paraphrase Carol Aird's BFF "I can't help him with that."

Anyway I guess this means a 5th movie will be probably set in the late 1960s (Crystal Skull, which will be 11 years old by the time this new one is out, was set in 1957). Will we even know who Shia LaBeouf is by that time? (I say this as someone who's come around on Shia, to my own shock and awe.) What do you think the movie should be about? I'm picturing Indiana Jones dealing with hippies and it's making me laugh like something.


Anonymous said...

I hope Karen Allen makes an appearance. I wouldn't mind Shia having a brief role but if they want Indy's son to be a big part of the movie than they should recast.

John said...

The last Indianna Jones movies I saw was back in the 80's. I guess this franchise is just like Rocky and the energizer bunny, keeps on going...

Row-bin said...

My favorite title for it was "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost AARP."