Thursday, March 17, 2016

Quote of the Day

"That's an amazing script. It's going to be a trippy movie, really unique... it goes back and forth between two completely diametrically opposed worlds. It's a real head trip, half of it set in the LA art world and the other half is this grimy crime story in Texas. I'm just in the Texas part, playing a detective trying to help Jake Gyllenhaal's character solve a crime."

That's Michael Shannon talking to The Playlist about Nocturnal Animals, Tom Ford's new film with those two plus Amy Adams, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Armie Hammer (why am I only now noticing all the "A" people?) -- the movie's based on a book called Tony and Susan by Austin Wright (more "A" people, what does it meannnnnnn) but we haven't read it so this is really the most we know about the story so far. Sounds curious! 

Anyway in that interview Shannon talks a little bit about the ELEVEN movies he's got scheduled for release this year, including Midnight Special with Kirsten Dunst & Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols (which is out in theaters tomorrow and I am dying yes dying to see), and also he made another movie with Werner Herzog called Salt and Fire which sounds promising. Reminds me I really gotta go back and watch My Son My Son What Have Ye Done soon, it's been ages.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I'm a huge Shannon fan. I hope at least some of these are both good and successful.

Dre Brown said...

He's like a sexy serial killer.