Monday, March 28, 2016

Morning, Joe

We missed actor Joe Anderson's birthday over the weekend (he turned 34 on Saturday) so this morning we must rectify! If we were choosing a "Moment We Fell For" Joe it would be his small (but impossibly gorgeous) role in Carter Smith's marvelously disturbing and strangely underrated film The Ruins, which we were all about back in 2008 but which doesn't get talked about too much now. But if we'd bothered to see the Beatles musical Across the Universe the year before we probably would've fallen for Joe in that because he's basically the only part of that movie that really works. Speaking of...

... as we looked Joe up this morning we stumbled upon a behind-the-scenes video of him on the set of that film working on his big number, and it's stuffed with, as you see above, Joe goodness. Watch and see!

Joe's on a show called Outsiders right now which airs on the WGN network and which just got renewed for a third season, which surprises me since I have literally not heard of it until right this minute. Any of you seen it? It co-stars Veronica Mars' Kyle Gallner, I see. The last thing we saw Joe in was when he replaced ? as Mason Verger on Hannibal, and we liked his brief loony spin on an already loony spin. Give Joe another job, Bryan Fuller!


Scot said...

Apparently you're simply too young to realize that the entire movie Across The Universe works. It was targeted for a PRE-MTV audience and it was a masterpiece!

Anonymous said...

He could totally, like, BE Kurt Cobain