Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gonna Wash That Hiddles Right Outta My Hair

I just realized that I posted another picture from this scene here the other day and yet I have absolutely no idea what these pictures are from. Is this an episode of The Night Manager I haven't watched yet? I have fallen an episode or two behind on that show, so it's possible. Anyway here's the sitch - a short week just grew shorter (the exact opposite of what happens to me while looking at shirtless Tom Hiddleston) as I've gotten a surprise extra day off from work, so I won't be blogging tomorrow. I'm going to use my extra day to do some catching-up - I might go see Midnight Special, or I might just watch the entire second season of Daredevil since I haven't even begun that yet - point being whatever it is I am doing, blogging will not be the one. But...

... over my long weekend I will definitely be seeing Tom Hiddleston's new movie I Saw the Light... and Tom is going to be there for a Q&A! So I think you should probably follow me on Instagram because I will no doubt be posting pics of that sexy business. Have a good Friday, a better Saturday, and the best Sunday, people.


Adam said...

Please let us know if he's naked in I Saw the Light. It looks terrrrrrrrible, but I still have priorities.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is from the Night Manager episode 5. If you haven't seen episode 4, do so, if you know what i mean