Thursday, March 03, 2016

Ghosts With The Mosts (Ladies That is)

The Glorious Ladies of Ghost Busting trailer is here, you guys!
Ahh! I'm so excited I could puke slime onto Kristen Wiig's face!

Aww somebody beat me to it. Anyway this scene seems to me is giving the whoopee-cushion to the scene in the original film where they meet their first ghost in the library and it scares the shit out of them, which leads me to wonder if they'll riff on other scenes in a similar fashion? What I am asking is...

... are we gonna see a sexy ghost
 go downtown on Melissa McCarthy or what?
Here's the trailer:

And since I have other things to say about this trailer,
here is a list of The Five Most Important Shots in it!


2. Speaking of the ghosts though, I like the candy-colored neon look we've got going on with them, especially all of the shots in Times Square. (I just realized there has got to be a Times Scare joke in this movie, doesn't there?) (Sidenote: didn't they film this movie in Boston? I thought it was gonna be set in Boston? It is definitely obviously not, but for some reason I thought that.)

Continuing #2 though, these shots remind me of my FAVORITE episode of the animated Ghostbusters series, one I always thought they should make a movie from -- the villain was The Sandman, and he was making everybody's dreams and nightmares take corporeal form, and it RULED. These shots of a massive collection of bizarre ghosts could be straight out of that episode.

3. Is Kate McKinnon's character a lesbian? It sures seems that way. And what if Kristen Wiig's character is too? What if we have a romance between them centered in a mainstream action comedy? Ahhh! Blowing my mind, these thoughts.

4. Phew, we were getting too worked up over lady action there for a minute, here's some crisp clean Chirs Hemsworth action to satisfy our manly man needs. Refreshing!
5. This trailer made me laugh several times (which is a very good sign, for a comedy!) but this bit with the wig / hat thing made me laugh the hardest. I am so excited to see Wiig & McKinnon play with each other.... maybe even in a lesbian way!

So what do you guys think?
Ghostbusters is out on July 15th, aka my birthday!


shaun said...

Fun fact -- they filmed a bunch of scenes on an abandoned air strip a mere few hundred yards from my home in Massachusetts -- used shipping crates to create a giant green-screen arena!

Anonymous said...

Dear god no.

Sean said...

I just can't. I think it looks horrible and why so much from the original? Oh, that is a rhetorical question, Hollywood has no originality anymore. Sickening. I saw the director on Ellen yesterday and she was just gushing all over this trailer. Wow, I think I am getting old and jaded.

Anonymous said...

This trailer is NOT the funniest thing Kate McKinnon's done this week.
Still this: "Land this plane, Carol... Laaannd it."

Glenn said...

It was always set in NYC - remember there was that photo from the set where they'd build a subway station, but it was a stop that doesn't exist in real life?

I like the trailer! It looks different to the original (a film I love, but don't have an abiding, all-consuming nostalgia for that makes me think it is infallible). Lots of people wasting too much of their time getting worked up over this one.

George G said...

I agree with you, I got a kick out of this trailer, but it's VERY divisive from what I can see in many a comments section, including this one.