Thursday, March 03, 2016

Good Morning, Big Nicky

Out little Nicholas Hoult has been growed up real good for awhile now, but his new movie Kill Your Friends is really putting that fact on display. Over and over and over again. 

And again. We knew this via its trailers -- see here and see here and see here for those -- but now we know it know it. Kill Your Friends is out in a couple of weeks and if you want a glimpse of the gratuitous Nicky you're gonna see in the movie (in the form of 25 or so gifs, some of them a little spoilery!) go ahead and hit the jump...


Adam said...

No. Bulge. At. All. I see why Jennifer Lawrence moved on.

Jason Adams said...

I seem to remember him looking not too shabby in that department in that leaked picture purported to be him. Anyway he has MANY FINE QUALITIES either way

Anonymous said...

it was him and the photo was taken in his actor trailer during the filming of Mad Max
Look Tom Hardy's trailer more big but same