Tuesday, March 08, 2016

A Hologram Grows in Tribeca

Last week we got very very excited when the first half of the Tribeca Film Festival was announced and they're screening High-Rise, Ben Wheatly's super-anticipated new flick with Tom Hiddleston (and Little Tom Hiddleston), and today they announced the second half of their line-up and wham, another super-duper's striking me square in the face: Tom Tykwer's new film A Hologram For the King, starring Tom Hanks and Ben Whishaw, is having its world premiere at the fest! See our previous post on the movie here; it's based on a Dave Eggers book, and will mark Tykwer's first solo film since his good-time ménage à trois romp called 3 back in 2010 (he co-directed Cloud Atlas with the Wachowskis).

Anyway the Playlist shares the full list of new Tribeca titles right here - there are a couple horror films showing in the fest's Midnight section; the anthology called Holidays could be fun...

... and they're showing that James Franco gay porn murder joint) but I feel as if they've been tightening up that portion of the festival over the past couple of years? The plethora of genre flicks showing was one of the things that made TFF stand apar, at least as of a couple of years ago, but the selection's begun to seem semi-anemic. I suppose that means I can see them all this time around, at least.

The other film that I'm most enthuastic about that was announced is Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back, a documentary about one of my favorite artists. Any fans of his work? He's crazy (very crazy) good.

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