Friday, February 12, 2016

Quote of the Day

"[The producers] said they wanted me to gain some muscle. They were like, “B.J., you’re probably going to have your shirt off a lot,” and I’m like, “Come on, abs! Let’s go!” [Laughs] So I started to [work with] a trainer, and every time I’m feeling fatigued, my trainer goes, “Do it for UnREAL! Give me that last set, do it for UnREAL!” … I mean, [the show] is killing it right now. I gotta bring my A-game."

--- That's former Agents of SHIELD actor B.J. Britt in an interview with EW talking about his having just been cast as the new Bachelor for the second season of Lifetime's phenomenally entertaining reality show skewering hit UnREAL. (I guess he only stars in shows where portions of the titles are capitalized?) Anyway it's a good interview - race is apparently gonna be a huge topic for the second season, which is something they dealt with a little bit in S1 but which I'm interested to see more of. Plus, added bonus, BJ's hot. How how is he? Hit the jump for another dozen or so degrees of hotness...


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