Friday, February 12, 2016

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #57

I never watched any of the recent Lifetime TV series (two Lifetime posts in a row, that's certainly a record) Witches of East End, but I also didn't know that our Whedon-approved boyfriend Enver Gjokaj did a four-episode arc on the show's first season as a dude who works in a library and wears lots of wool sweaters and corduroy blazers either. If I had known oh how I would have talked up such a thing!

Alas he only lasted four episodes. See?

Uhh spoiler alert? Anyway bye bye, Enver. He got a good exit, at least! Did any of you actually watch the show? I believe it's since been canceled -- that's what you get for burning up Enver Gjokaj like that! Let's hope that Agent Carter doesn't go a similar route. (I am so worried about Agent Carter with the news that Hayley Atwell's got a new show lined up, you guys.)

Anyway today's Enver's 36th birthday - Happy Birthday! - so in his honor (really this is probably just a present to me and me alone, but whatever) after the jump is a collection of images of Enver standing in front of bookshelves on Witches of East End, which was what he did approximately 95% of the time he was on the show judging by my quick glance through...

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zyzzyva said...

The first season was a lot of campy fun, full of great women obv having a blast together (Mädchen Amick ftw!). The second season got bogged down in the greater mythology. I lost interest half way thru (despite the literal sex-demon) & still have yet to finish it.

Enver played a man who comes to the mysterious town to research witches in an attempt to vindicate his father's ridiculed theories. Vaporization was his own damn fault. He could've stayed on as the quirky witch librarian's hot boyfriend if he hadn't been such an aggressive dick w/ a boulder-sized chip on his shoulder.