Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pic of the Day

It's been so so so very long since I've heard anything about this movie you'll excuse me for having forgotten it was a thing -- that there is a new photo of Edgar Ramirez as the boxer Roberto Duran in the movie Hands of Stone, which Variety says will finally be released this August. We first posted a picture of Edgar in character a full two years ago, and have heard nada since. Duran was a big-time fighter from Panama who fought starting in the late 60s all the way up through just a little over a decade ago; the movie co-stars Robert DeNiro as his coach and... Usher as Sugar Ray Leonard? Oooookay. 

Anyway I keep hoping that Edgar will live up to the promise he showed in Carlos in 2010 but it's been a weak few years - he was fine in Joy but that was Jennifer Lawrence's show. Maybe this will challenge him? Or at least get him to get naked again? Either or.

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Anonymous said...

Fan of your blog and Mr. Ramirez. Noticed that Edgar & his co-star Ana De Armas are in a relationship. She posted them kissing saying "my valentine is here". Thought I would share since it's hard finding personal info on him.