Monday, February 24, 2014

Edgar All Over

Today the news broke that Errol Morris is making his first non-documentary film in 23 years - it's called Holland, Michigan and it's about a woman who, and I quote, "starts an affair after she suspects her husband is cheating on her, only to learn that her spouse is a serial killer." Sounds fun! Even better the trio will be played by Naomi Watts, Bryan Cranston, and Edgar Ramirez. That's a great cast, and seeing Edgar's name shuffled me off towards pictures of him natch, which is what led to a pair of discoveries. First I found this trio of pictures from the upcoming thriller Egdar's in with Eric Bana and Joel McHale called Deliver Us From Evil (it was called Beware the Night when I first heard about it):

Obviously this is a movie we're excited about thanks to that endlessly hunky cast, but it's got a possibly fun sounding concept involving cops and priests teaming up to fight a city full of devils; we were actually just talking about the film last week when that very similar sounding James Badge Dale film Spectral was announced. The film is out in July. And then there's...

... this shirtless shot of Egdar in the boxing bio-pic Hands of Stone with Robert DeNiro, which is of interest because did you just see the word "shirtless" that I wrote? That's why. (via)

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Rebecca said...

Brian Cranston as a husband hiding a violent criminal secret from his wife? My hopes for a robust Cranston film career just tanked.