Thursday, February 04, 2016

Like Destroying Something Beautiful

A second trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal's upcoming film Demoltiion, directed by Wild and Dallas Buyers Club director Jean-Marc Vallée, has been released -- click here to see our extensively capped coverage of the first trailer from back in September -- and it's more of the same old same old "Jake's sad about his dead wife when he finds romance with a young boy" or whatever. Oh and more Jake freaking out in the shower:

And more Jake dancing!

Demolition is out in April.
Watch the trailer here:

ETA Oh and here's the first poster!


Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping these are just bad trailers and that the movie isn't nearly as cheesy/sentimental/cliche. Jake Gyllenhaal is usually really selective with the roles he plays. The only movie of his that I thought was downright terrible was Prince of Persia, but I don't fault him for that. If he needs to take a big paycheck every now and then to continue making excellent smaller films, I'm all for it.

Jason Adams said...

Jean-Marc Vallee was able to take a sentimental story I did not expect to work - girl goes for a hike when her mother dies - and make a movie I really loved with Wild, so I have hopes he can do the same here... although I know people who have seen Demolition and have said it does not work. I mean, I'll see it either way, of course! Jake!

das buut said...

I'm not seeing the Jake fur. Didn't he promise the hair removal was for a reason and would return?

Faggie Gyllenhaal said...

Wait let me guess, in the final cut of the movie this scene begins with him starting to take his shirt off and then abruptly cuts to him being dressed the next morning. Put skin in the trailer to lure in the gays, then cut it out of the film for the ultimate "gotcha mutherfuckers!". :/

UltraViolet said...

I saw this in Toronto and really liked it. It's funny and strange and moving. It goes one cliche too far in the end, but for the most part, I thought it worked. Jake is really good in it, as are Naomi Watts and the kid.

I can't wait to see it again.

Anonymous said...

Well that's good to hear that some people like it, because it looks really generic. I mean, the whole 'straight white guy is down on life but learns to live with the help of some colorful characters' thing is just so blah now. I can see why he'd want to work with this director but I just don't feel the need to rush out and see every Jakey movie anymore like I used to (looking at you, Southpaw and Everest).

Time to move on, fags said...

What's up with das buut and Faggie wanting what they can get from online porn, and quicker: YOUNGER, HOTTER, THICKER, HARDER, BUBBLIER!

35 years old is FOSSIL in gay life. Are they just masochists drawing blood from a stone??

Anonymous said...

This site could be construed as 'mild porn,' however, keep in mind the multiple adds that depict naked to near naked women in vicarious positions of suggestion--no different. As long as the age is appropriate for mature decisions of exposure, then enjoy and embark upon 'modern art.'

Psychbaby317 ;-)