Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Push It Real Good, Jake

As I watched this the first trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal's upcoming movie with Dallas Buyers Club (boo) & Wild (yay) director Jean-Marc Valle called Demolition (thanks Mac) I kept having this "That's the top image of my post! Wait... no that is the top image of my post!" moment, over and over... but then Jake did that little stripper shimmy up top and the deal was done, dotted line signed sealed and stripper shimmied. Coming in at number two, though...

... not too shabby! The whole thing is Gyllen-bait and for those of us afflicted with the Gyllen-itis it's medicine, sweet hitting-the-spot medicine. I mean, Jake in suspenders wielding a sledgehammer?

Somebody dipped deep into my weird fantasy well. 
Here's the trailer!

Jake Love aside (which is a bigger aside than will ever be overcome, of course) this trailer is hitting some off-notes for me - cutesy kids (ugh that "turn your frown upside down moment" is downright chilling) plus dead wives plus the whole "Naomi Watts had better have more to do than Teach Jake To Smile" thing. Clearly I will see this movie but let's hope it up-ends some of these well-worn tropes the way that Southpaw most certainly did not. The movie plays Toronto in the next week and then it's out in the US in April. (SO FAR AWAY.) Okay yeah yeah words who cares hit the jump for a ton more caps of Mr. Jake in and out of his sexy suspenders...


das buut said...

Holy shit! Who needs gay porn when you have Jake doing Nomi Malone?

Anonymous said...

No, Jakey, no. Don't star in yet another movie that could be called "Other People Exist Just to Help the Straight White Guy Not Be an Asshole/Learn to Feel/Care About Others/Life" (I'm sure there's a better, wittier way to say that title but it's early and I haven't had coffee yet). This looks the protagonist from Me and Earl and the Dying Girl grew up and forgot all those important lessons Earl and the Dying Girl taught him.