Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Enver

I didn't intend to write anything about Agent Carter today, but then I stumbled upon (ha, "stumbled upon") this picture of Enver Gjokaj and James D'Arcy wrapped up in each other like all get out and, well, here we be! So in the interest of not just being a pair of Tex Avery eyeballs I'll try to spit out a couple of words -- so, yeah, how great is Agent Carter right now? About as great as ever actually, which is saying a lot - it's easily my favorite Marvel property and its bad ratings are giving me agita. That musical number dream sequence this week was just magic, so what is wrong with you people? Watch this damn show!!!


Tom M said...

It is so if Linda Carter's 1st Season Wonder Woman had been written by Preston Sturges and acted by the Royal Shakespeare Company. I almost don't want to watch the remaining episodes because I'll likely never get more. And I like knowing there's more to see.

BruceWayneOfOz said...

Please be kind...I worked on that first season of Wonder Woman! And Danced with Lynda at the Wrap Party!

And, damn, did I like Agent Carter...and Enver!!