Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finn Jones Gets Fisted

Saucy Twink Finn Jones - aka Ser Loras the gay dude from Game of Thrones - has just been cast as the lead in Netflix's next Marvel superhero show Iron Fist. This follows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the upcoming Luke Cage, as the fourth quarter of the eventual Defenders show that will supposedly bring them all together. I only half sort of knew the story of Iron Fist so thanks to EW for this:

"In the comics Iron Fist is Daniel Rand, who at age of 9 travels with his family to a lost mystical city called K’un-L’un. After some tragic twists of fate, Rand is adopted by city’s ruler and taught advanced martial arts and the mystical power of the Iron Fist. As an adult, Rand returns to his native New York City and begins a career as a superhero. Some fans have urged Marvel to cast an Asian actor in the lead role, though others countered that picking an Asian actor simply because the hero’s ability is martial arts would be a stereotypical move. "

I think they should have cast an Asian actor just because there are so many hot Asian actors that I'm not seeing often enough, but Finn's perfectly pleasant I s'pose. I mean Kit Harington seems to like him, so that's good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Ugh this probably means he dies on Game of Thrones, right?

retropian said...

So his character, the only gay one on the show, except maybe Varys gets killed off. That sucks.

retropian said...

The show being Game of Thrones of course.

Anonymous said...

I think its probably fair to say the only "fans" advocating for Danny Rand to be portrayed by an Asian actor are tumblr users or someone who has neverpicked up an issue of Marvel comics... or both

Misty Knight said...

@Anon: Yeah "fans" aka extremely vocal teenagers who whine on tumblr all day. The point of him being white or non-Asian is that he's a foreigner adopted into an Asian culture and taught their ways. Stranger in a strange land right? If he's a Chinese actor for example and he's being taught these strange things by what are essentially Tibetan monks, it's an Asian being trained by other Asians and what's the point of that. But ah, luckily common sense and logical thinking won out over hysterically knee-jerk racial politics (in throw away entertainment).

Anonymous said...

I know everyone keeps saying this means Loras is getting killed off but that doesn't have to be the case. I mean, Loras isn't even that big of a character. He never really was. Also, as we have witnessed from past seasons, the writers aren't afraid to completely ignore the supportive characters when they need to. I know the schedule for Game of Thrones is probably demanding but several actors on the show with more important characters have been able to get away with working on other projects.

I am interested to see if Finn can pull it off. I haven't seen him in anything else and it seems like all he does as Loras is pout.