Friday, February 05, 2016

Good Morning, Other Will Graham

It's director Michael Mann's 63rd birthday today, so here are a few pictures of William "Bill" Petersen playing Will "Hugh Dancy" Graham in his 1986 Hannibal Lecter Original Manhunter. I run hot and cold with Mann - I do like Manhunter very much, and Last of the Mohicans, and I have a secret burrow inside my heart where I keep The Keep even though I really know it is tremendously boring. But stuff like Heat and The Insider and Collateral, I don't know, I see them for how technically proficient they are and everything, but they don't do much for me. They're so slick and masculine. BAM is holding a big retrospective of Mann's films this month and I thought about heading out there for one of them but BAM is too much travel for me if my heart ain't in it. And I'm already headed out there for their series on "Witch Films" next week, that's plenty. Anyway! William Petersen! Surprise babe, amirite?

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