Thursday, February 04, 2016

Edward Holcroft Follows in Fassy's Big Footsteps

Actor Edward Holcroft, known for his roles in Kingsman: The Secret Service and London Spy (mmm London Spy), is in the new issue of Interview Magazine, and besides the lovely pictures there's also, you know, words alongside. So maybe you want to like read them and stuff? There is one worthwhile bit for sure though, when he's asked why he went to the Drama Centre London for acting school and he has this to say:

"Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy had just been there. Literally, that was the reason. I didn't know much about acting, I didn't know much about the drama schools. I knew that there were sort of four or five really good schools, like RADA and LAMDA, and Drama Centre was one of them, and I didn't know how to pick because I didn't know what I wanted from each school and I didn't know what I was doing. So I just picked actors who I had seen around that time who I thought had been brilliant. I remember I had seen Fassbender in Hunger and I thought, "Where did he go to school?" I looked it up and it said Drama Centre so I said, "Right, I'm going to go there." And that was that. I turned up and then I got in." 

We should all do exactly what Michael Fassbender and/or Tom Hardy do, honestly. Like,  Michael Fassbender and/or Tom Hardy, they each respectively handle Michael Fassbender and/or Tom Hardy's private parts -- like every day! I want in on that racket. Ahem. As for Edward if you missed it we did a big post on him right here; and for more pictures from this Interview spread, hit the jump...


Bismark said...

Oh Great Britain... The land that keeps on giving!



paco. said...

Is he related to Matthias Schoenaerts, or like what's going on here?

Am I the only one that's seeing this?

thetinydancer said...

So in love with this beautiful human. And you just reminded me that I have had Macbeth for a whole week and haven't watched it yet... shame on me.