Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Fuller's Final Frontier

A huge congratulations to Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller who, it was announced today, is getting his dream-gig - he's returning to Star Trek, his first love, to run the new show for CBS! Fuller's first gigs were writing for Deep Space Nine and Voyager -- THR says he wrote 22 episodes of those shows before moving on to create some of the best television of the past 15 years with Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies and finally Hannibal; now it's back to where no man has gone before for him, something he's publicly been pining away for for as long as I've been following him. 

Fuller is of course also running the adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods for Starz, which we couldn't be more enthusiastic about; we don't have any worries about him spreading himself thin though since he's proven an endless supply of awesomeness for so long - we have nothing but faith... and in a weird way pride too? My lil' buddy is ruling the world! And he totally deserves to. 

The new Star Trek is scheduled for January 2017.


das buut said...

He's got a lotta nails to pull out before he can even get the lid off this corpse.

It's going to air on CBS. CBS, who censors Colbert at midnight like he's performing at a church.

Kurtzman is still the main guy. This asshole helped ruin Star Trek's chances at the movies. Now, they're giving him free rein to destroy it on television too. He made Spider-man 3. He made Lost. He and JJ Abrams are joined at the hip. He's a wet shit in an overflowing portapoty is what I'm saying.

Unless he's going to bring the gay (and Jonathan Tucker), what's the fucking point? Honestly, the previous two mean it's going to follow a shit formula for the cast, become an awful procedural with vague, pseudo-science bullshit mysteries, no respect for the past or actual facts, and the dialogue will center around 1 man who is always right and treats everyone like they are ignorant, willful children or terrorists who need to be shot dead. You can blindfold yourself, and ever god damn drama on CBS sounds so similar you can't tell the shows apart, I wish I was kidding.

Bryan, bring a flame thrower and an air freshener, you're going to need it.

homeslaughter said...

You need to have far more faith in Mr. Fuller's talent and powers. I still have to remind myself that Hannibal was on NBC. Sure, it was cancelled, but Bryan never held back.