Friday, February 19, 2016

Eight Little Witches

I haven't really wanted to think about much else other than The Witch since seeing it on Tuesday night (here's my review in case you missed it) and thankfully the internet has made that really really easy - there have been more reviews of and articles about the movie than you could shake a dowsing rod at.

I wouldn't click on any of these until after you watch the movie, but since you're all going to go and see this movie or else face my wrath, that won't be a problem soon -- so here, eight Witchy links! (thanks to Mac for several of these)

1. Here's an interview with director Robert Eggers at The Verge
2.VICE takes a look at the film's patriarchal kick in the pants
3. Eggers talks about his cinematic influences to The Film Stage
4. The NYT on the film's note-perfect production design
5. Rolling Stone talks to Eggers and star Anna Taylor-Joy
6. Manohla Dargis' review in the NYT is a good one
7. And in the interest of fairness, an opposing point of view:
 Will Leitch didn't like it... to which I reply:

8. And finally, here's word on what Eggers will direct next

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