Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Beautiful Wickedness

Ye Olde Witch
She a Crone
She drops Hexes one by one
With a kid-nap
Apple whack
Give the Goat a Tongue
Ye Olde Witch is spoilin' Home

Ye Olde Witch
Twins make two
Blood's a poolin' in their shoes
With a crow-snack
Pappy smack
Give the Goat a Tongue
Ye Olde Witch will grind our Bones

I'm kind of tempted to keep going - oh, I could! - but I'll spare y'all and get down to brass taxes and just say the hype is real, the hype is true, believe in The Witch and its unholy power. Dropped at Sundance in January 2015 like a hydrogen bomb made out of mud and straw and sooty mischief, The Witch resonates with real evil, old fashioned night terrors and poisons running down its frost-bitten New England streams -- grey skies flashing hope free reflections against the river's bed. 

Like mercury the water runs, improbable and seeming sentient - see how the children play poppet-like beside it, flailing about. Sticks and bones and bones and sticks. The forest, and we, watch and wait, watch and wait. Wolves mill, maybe worse.

Egads this movie inspires me. I want to luxuriate in its unblinking awfulness, its Biblical ruin, its tar-hearted distaste for all things pure and decent. The Witch is wicked, wicked good, people. It has bad intentions for you and me and and your parents and politicians, for ev'ry one -- it is a bleak and festering and beautiful impurity. Lay down your day's errands and walk amongst its corruption, if you have it in you! The Witch dares! One long crooked finger beckons deep, deep, deep. All is spoilt and horrible, most excellent.


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Are you giving this film a "A"? I can't wait to see it.