Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What Comes After We End

At the Tribeca Film Festival last spring I reviewed a fantastic new post-apocalyptic film called The Survivalist that I loved, saying, and don't mind if I do quote myself:

"The Survivalist is mighty uninterested in being relentlessly bleak; that road (or should I say The Road) is well-trod by now, and these characters might be desperate people in desperate situations with mud smeared artfully on their faces, but they're also - against their best interests a lot of the time! - striving for what used to be called family."

The film has drifted to mind a few times over the ensuing twelve months, wondering if I'd ever get the chance to see it again, and finally some news! Slash tells us that it's coming out in the UK on February 12th, as well as hitting On Demand. And there's a trailer!

I really hope this leads to more work for star martin McCann, too - he is very good in the film, and as I said here on my own blog he reminds me a lot of Michael Fassbender.

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