Friday, January 15, 2016

Two Reasons To See Brooklyn This Weekend

How about instead of throwing your money at funding Michael Bay's penile implants you give it to a good better best cause -- John Crowley's lovely film Brooklyn, which I hear is adding a few hundred theaters this weekend. Emory Cohen is all the man any of us need.


Rob K. said...

Lovely film, lovely actor.

Anonymous said...

The most boring film I've watched in ages. I honestly can't understand how this Bollocks of a movie, is nominated for best picture. SPOILERS AHEAD:
Girl works in a cliche bad woman. Girl is send abroad and hates it. Meets idiot boy and they "fell in love" disneys style, in ten minutes from their first dance. Girl's sister dies and she has to go back home but before she does, she marries idiot boy. Her family and friends try to push a handsome wealthy man to marriage. Cliche bad former boss woman, knows her secret (she's married) idiot girl tells off her former boss (for no reason as the evil woman hadn't even threatned her) then returns home, tells mother she's married, her mother kinda disowns her and she returns to idiot boy in America. OMG what is wrong with the oscars?