Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sugar Shia Oh Honey Honey

2016 just got a swift kick in the happy pants -- Andrea Arnold's new movie American Honey, which we've been following ever since Spring 2013, has been picked up by the fantabulous folks at A24 for release before the end of the year! It's been far too long since she graced us with her mad movie-making skills with Wuthering Heights in 2011 - true, she did direct a couple of typically stellar episodes of Transparent, but I need my Andrea large and immersive.  

American Honey stars Shia LaBeouf -- and stop what you're thinking right now; when he was cast I wrote up why I think they might make for a great pair -- and Riley "Elvis Presley's granddaughter" Keough and a newcomer named Sasha Lane; Lane is naturally the lead, because Arnold loves and excels at training her camera on a new face. This is how The Playlist describes the story:

"[Honey] follows a gang of law-breaking teenagers who are chasing the American Dream, selling magazine subscriptions by day, partying by night. The story is told through the eyes of Star (Lane), a new recruit to the group who falls into a relationship with one of its leaders, in what is described as an intimate coming-of-age story and a look at an American generation not playing by the rules. "

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