Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #50

Of course Annie Hayworth's house would be filled with books! Annie's got the sweetest little set-up -- looking around the scenes set at her place in The Birds this time I really took notice; she's got shelves full of books, piles of hip vinyl, and groovy modern art hanging on the wall. Every time I watch The Birds I'm convinced more & more Annie's the best person in the whole thing.

I would totally live in this place. I wonder who gets all her stuff? You know, after the birds take off. I can just picture Melanie throwing it all out. "Books? Who wants books?" Ugh, Melanie. Somebody stuff her in an attic with a bunch of seagulls, stat.

This shot is from later in the movie at a totally different location -- please do take note of how Alfred Hitchcock frames Pleshette by a bookcase once again. This Hitchcock fella, he was the real deal!

Anyway this post was supposed to be in honor of Tippi Hedren's 86th birthday but I kind of did a lousy job of that. Sorry, Tippi! Maybe after watching the insane lion love story Roar the other night and seeing what you subjected your family to in the name of some misguided animal rights fever I'm subconsciously testy.


joel65913 said...

There is no question that Suzanne Pleshette in all her schoolmarm fierceness is the best part of The Birds, along with the snug fit of EVERYTHING that Rod Taylor wears. She's closely followed though by Jessica Tandy and her mountainous, immovable but nonetheless flattering hair! Love that movie and everyone in it, the crazy-eyed hysterical woman in the diner, Mrs. Bundy the mannish bird lady, Ruth McDevitt and her chipped teacup voice as the saleslady in the bird store and on and on...

Kelley Bradley said...

I always thought her character a bit butch. Maybe she gave up men after dealing with Mitch and his mother. And oh yeah that whiny Cartwright child too.