Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Quote of the Day

“Just look at my face. Do these features look like they’re built for romantic comedy? Which is fine because they’re not really my thing. I know many other actors have turned their hand to it later in life, like De Niro, so who knows? Maybe it could happen. But it would feel very alien to me. I don’t think I’m genetically built for a ‘boy meets girl, laughter ensues’, but we’ll see.”

That's Cillian Murphy in a new interview. He's right of course, but he really should go on to say that rom-coms are a half-dead genre because of how routine and close-minded they've become, without enough imagination to cast interesting people over dull ones. I mean how long have I been screaming into the void for my "Udo Kier and Grace Zabriskie meet cute" movie?

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Drew said...

This made me think of the Red Eye trailer, which made the movie look like a romantic-comedy before revealing what it was really about.