Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Quote of the Day

"I didn't like it. That was a movie in which I was not consulted. I mean, George Clooney changed the script, he didn't talk to me during production. We kind of didn't get along. I was invited to see the movie when he was pretty much done and I wrote a bunch of notes and gave them to him and I guess it was offensive to him."

-- That's writer slash genius Charlie Kaufman on the experience of working with George Clooney (or you know "working with" George Clooney) on Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. I had totally forgotten that was a Kaufman script! (Or you know "a Kaufman script.") Of course I am on Charlie's side, especially given the steady stream of garbage Clooney's since directed, but Confessions is not terrible, and I'm sure it was Clooney's idea to lingeringly photograph Sam Rockwell's bare ass so some good came of it.


Adam said...

Charlie Kaufman is THE WORST. I wish people would stop letting that misogynist make movies.

luke said...

I think I love that movie as much as George loved filming Sam's nude scenes.

I've seen one movie Charlie directed himself and it was shockingly bad (the one with Philip Seymour Hoffman) so I think he's a writer who really does need a director (or someone else) to steer him in the right direction. Not unlike M. Night Shyamalan in that that he believed his own press and consequently stopped getting feedback on his scripts before filming commenced.

I have read George's take on the situation and he said there were parts of the script that, had they been left in as written, would have resulted in the movie not getting a greenlight from a studio.

JA said...

Oh my god you guys are KILLING me. Luke that movie - Synecdoche New York - is the best movie of the past 20 years at least, SAYS ME. Seriously though. I've seen it about ten times and it's brilliant, from start to finish - it is in my top five of all time.

And a misogynist? JESUS CHRIST.

Anonymous said...

I'm standing with George.

Kaufman is so, so overrated.

I'll give all Kaufman's writing, directing and whatever else he might do just to keep "Confessions of a dangerous Mind" and "Good Night and good luck".

D&D said...

Oh damn, what did I do wrong ? I'm Anonymous here, on the last comment. Sorry about that.
I'm D&D actually (in case I come to bother you again ;-) )