Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Good Morning, World

My first thought upon seeing today is Julian Morris' 33rd birthday was tis a fool's errand to find something gratuitous-wise of that boy's that I haven't posted in one of our many dedicated posts to him over the years. We've been mooning over him long before it became fashionable (he makes IMDb's front page for his birthday now), dating way back to the horror movie Donkey Punch in 2008. But then I was reminded I still hadn't gotten around to his brand new thing, the Amazon series Hand of God, and even though I knew he got his bum et cetera out on that I'd been putting off capping it til I could watch it. Well screw it, it's his birthday, hit the jump for the bum et cetera that you seek...

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Anonymous said...

So dreamy. What is that last shot all about?