Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nate Parker Four Times

I'm sure one of you will pop up and say that you were there when he was born and you've loved him ever since but I'm still going to stake my claim on Nate Parker because I did this gratuitous post right here way way back before any of y'all were really paying attention. After the one-two punch of his small roles in Arbitrage and Ain't Them Bodies Saints I knew this was somebody to pay attention to, and now his passion project - the slavery insurrection bio-pic Birth of a Nation, which we talked about right here - is setting fire to Sundance and all y'all be like, "Oh we loved Nate Parker" but he's mine, mine dammit!

Ahem. Then again I assume some of you saw that swimming movie called Pride and knew Nate Parker was something the second he strutted around in that speedo, and that beats my claim. Whatever. I will fight you for him, and I will win. I play dirty. Very very dirty.


Adam said...

That shot from Pride! Way to bury the lede. ;)

Joey said...

That man turns me into a stuttering fool. He's gorgeous.

par3182 said...

i saw pride! a fact i'd completely forgotten until just now. that photo was the reason i saw it and pretty much all i recall