Monday, January 18, 2016

Izzy In Heat

I just realized that my most anticipated movie of 2016 might not even be a Movie of 2016 -- over the weekend The Playlist shared the first batch of official images and then separately the first French-language (no subtitles) trailer for Paul Verhoeven's new movie, the rape-revenge thriller Elle starring Siabelle Huppert, and they make mention of the fact that the film doesn't come out in France until the end of September. 

The end of September! What the hey now! I had been figuring that it would hit France et cetera over the summer and for sure be out here in the US, where it has no release date as of yet, at the end of the year. But if it's not out in France until the end of September well I just don't know what. What? What!

This is extremely upsetting. Only two weeks into the year and I'm already prepared to call it a wash, man. Call it! 2016 is a damn wash! Well here's the foreign trailer, you should probably only watch it if you speak French though. And if you speak French feel free to tell me what the hell they're talking about.



mangrove said...

God! Look at how lazy the Binoche lovers are... ;) Here you go:

What are you doing here?
Come on inside!

Hi. Everything fine with you?
I’m fine...
What’s that?
I fell down my bike.

All locks must be changed. Upstairs and downstairs.

I have to tell you something.
Oh my god.
What did the cops tell you?
You didn’t go to the police.
Right. Shall we order?

I surprised him in the act. He was crouching in the bushes, watching your house.
You could see his face?
Nope. He was wearing a mask or some sort of balaclava.
You should walk her home.
No, no, don’t bother.

It really suits you. You go skiing with it?
You’re welcome to join!

We should have been together. It’s your fault.
You left me, Michelle.
You hit me.

It’s not the first time he does that sort of thing.

You must hack into all the private computers throughout the whole company.
That’s a huge breach.

There’s a maniac running around.
I’m used to dealing with maniacs. It’s kind of my specialty.

You didn’t care at all for what I was thinking.

I was in some strange denial but it’s all becoming clear now.

You’re the most dangerous of all, aren’t you Michelle?

JA said...

Mangrove, you are my hero. I am standing up from my desk and silently mouthing the words to "Wind Beneath My Wings" right now. THANK YOU, THANK YOU...

mangrove said...

You're welcome. It kind of makes it sound like Generic Rape Revenge flick #25612, though.

What is really weird if the casting: Laurent Lafitte of La Comédie Française (the Royal Shakespeare Company if you want an equivalent) is featured prominently in the trailer as the kindly neighbor whom Huppert heavily flirts with. Which makes it very probable that he is much more than just that in the final movie...

It's kinda like the casting of 'Louder Than Bombs': the minute you see David Strathairn in an early bit part, you know he is coming back with a lot more to do (to Huppert's character).