Thursday, September 25, 2014

Izzy Goes Oh For Verhoeven

I just re-watched Paul Verhoeven's Black Book a couple of weeks ago (perhaps you saw me tweeting about it) and right this very minute I am in the middle of Adam Nayman's book It Doesn't Suck reassessing the beloved flop Showgirls, so I am totally in the middle of a Verhoeven moment and this news couldn't strike any hotter... not that there would have ever been a moment where this news wouldn't knock me on my ass. Paul Verhoeven is prepping his next movie and it is going to star Isabelle Huppert. WHAM. 

We'd heard about this project back in May, he was hocking it at Cannes, but the Huppert bit, that is new and that is a gazillion jolts of holy hell yes. The film will be called Elle and it's an adaptation of a French book called Oh! which is about a "businesswoman getting revenge on her rapist." Tell me you're not already terrified (in the best way) at what Paul Verhoeven and Isabelle Huppert will do with that material. Good lord!

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