Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hail, Alden!

Wowee wow wowza, the second trailer for the Coens new movie Hail, Caesar! (watch the first trailer right here) is a veritable love letter to Alden Ehrenreich, which couldn't be more welcome! 

We've been loving Alden for many a moon and wondering if he'd ever get the spotlight he deserves -- seeing as how this movie's got a cast of billions, all of them bigger stars than he, perhaps the scenes highlighted in this trailer are the extent of his role, but this is still quite the showcase. With this and Warren Beatty's new movie 2016 is turning into The Year of Alden!

Take a good long look, he's a stah!


Anonymous said...

He has one of the biggiest roles in the movie, behind only Josh Brolin and Clooney.

And yeah, he is a star and has the funniest scene.

The MVP is Ralph Fiennes província againg to be a comedy god

e.esquire said...

"hail caesar" proves that channing tatum can do any thing ! ! ! he is a genuine movie star ! ! !