Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fassy Michael Fassy

I just started plowing through pictures of Michael Fassbender at the Globes a bit ago and realized I had to stop because I would literally, literally, spend hours doing just that, but this sure is a nice one! (And so is this picture of him and Gerard Butler I posted on the Tumblr.) Anyway I was sad he didn't win Sunday night and he'll probably lose the Oscar in a similar fashion but at least it seems he will get nominated this year, which is overdue as long as, well, when speaking of Michael Fassbender and long things I think you know where my mind goes. Ahem.

Hey look! Three new pictures from his Assassin's Creed movie were released. I don't know if these have been floating around for awhile or what but they's new to me so here they are.

I really have no idea what to think of this movie - I don't know the video-game from a hole in the Fassy - but I went to the theater and paid my own earned money to see Jonah Hex so, you know, what's it fucking matter anyway.

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