Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Great Moments In Movie Shelves #52

I really very much did not like the Coen's film Inside Llewyn Davis when I first saw it at the New York Film Fest a couple years back, but I've been thinking I need to revisit it, that maybe I was hard on it. Any fans in the house?

See at the time I also really very much did not like Oscar Isaac, for several reasons not worth explaining again, and now that I do very much like him, because I am nothing if not a lemming, I feel like perhaps my POV on the film could maybe have shifted as well.

I was thinking all of these thoughts now as I posted several pictures of Oscar on the Tumblr and as I prepared myself to read this IndieWire article calling Llewyn "The Most Subversive Film The Coen Brothers Have Ever Made." I've always felt it strange that what bugged me about the movie was its relentless bitchiness - I'm usually pretty into that!

I think there's a good chance I'll re-watch it tonight, honestly. I mean anyway if nothing else I can dig on those gorgeous shelves stacked with vinyl that are on display in this scene. (And that's not even mentioning Oscar's notoriously chunky bum, also on display.)


Joe K said...

Would be interested to hear what you think of it if you see it again. It's one of my favorite Coen brothers movies, partly because it's the one that most embraces all the of the toughest Coen impulses. It's basically No Country for Old Men with folk singing and a wacky road trip, and it's fantastic.

par3182 said...

it was my favourite film of whatever year it was released, but i do love a chilly movie. i found it a truly moving portrait of grief - then again, i am a folk music-lovin', failed artist who occasionally looks after a friend's ginger cat

your long documented dislike of oscar isaac, however, bars you from entry to his fan club

Dave S. said...

Found it pretty meh at the time, too - felt like a lot of tones and themes that the Coens have done before.

Lisa said...

I've been thinking about watching it again myself. I feel like I was mostly paying attention to the music the first time. I've watched T Bone Burnett's concert film of the music from the movie about a hundred times (Another Place/Another Time), but the movie itself doesn't seem to have made as much of an impact on me.

Weird thing about the record in these gifs: While the voice of "Mike Timlin" in the movie is provided by Marcus Mumford, the man on the record sleeve is actually the incredible bluegrass guitarist Chris "Critter" Eldridge. But Critter's voice is also in the movie, he sings on the song "The Auld Triangle" which is the one done by the Clancy Brother-type characters. It was dubbed by the guys in the movie because Critter's band was touring and couldn't actually appear in the film. Yay unnecessary trivia!

Rob K. said...

I really liked the movie when I saw it and don't understand anyone who didn't. Which goes to show you, I am very judgmental.