Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Good Morning, World

I posted this kiss on the Tumblr over the break but it's Bradley Cooper's birthday today and I thought perhaps y'all can tell me what I want to know here - to those of you who saw this movie (all four of you) what's the sitch with this moment between Bradley & Daniel Brühl in Burnt? Is this just a laugh? Out of context neither really seems to be playing it as a laugh but context is everything (unfortunately). I don't want to have to see this movie (jeez it looks boring) but if there's a surprise romance between these two I'll clear my calendar immediately.


Murtada said...

Daniel is in love with Bradley and pinning for him all the way thru. Finally Bradley kisses him to tell him he appreciates him but "not that way".

There you don't need to see it!

JA said...


And I'm glad it's not a gross out joke.

Calfcake said...

Bruhl's character has been in love with Cooper's character for a long time. All unrequited. Bruhl hires Cooper as head chef at his restaurant because of that love. A crises ensues when an assistant chef undermines the meal cooked for a Michelin reviewer. Afterwards, Bruhl brings news that he phoned Michelin and is told they hadn't sent anyone to the restaurant. The reviewers weren't theirs. Cooper, much relieved, bestows a magnificent kiss on Bruhl's lips As a reward for being so foresighted. It's a good moment.

BTW, if you haven't seen this film you're missing Cooper's tour-de-force performance as the chef and some mighty fine direction and cinematography. Don't always believe the reviewers.

sowhatelse said...

So Cooper bestows that kiss on Bruhl as a "thank you" when he knows that Bruhl is in love with him. What a fucking tease. And what a patronizing jerk.

Yummy Pizza said...

I don't know, I think it sounds sweet. Not that it will make me watch the movie, but still.